Auto Industry going Mobile

In its current state, the auto industry is doing well in terms of social media. Most brands are on Twitter, Facebook and various other sites; however there is room to expand and use social media to leverage business and increase sales. There are a lot of auto related discussions and materials presented in social media which gives the folks in the auto industry openings to find potential clients. Social media (Twitter or Facebook etc…) also provides those in the industry the ability to connect with potential customers. Likely through social media, the potential customers wants and desires have been identified or shared which gives those in the auto industry a better understanding of the buyers intent or preferences which also allows marketing to be catered more specifically to those people.

Evidence shows that the use of social media and increasing its usage in the future is a very good channel for marketing manufacturers, dealerships, service stations and even aftermarket resellers. It has been found that 38% of shoppers will review social media when it comes to their next truck or car purchase. 84% of car shoppers are members of Facebook; of that group 24% used Facebook as a resource to determine their car purchase. This is a gigantic opportunity for the auto industry to increase their presence and win shoppers through social media.

By using social media the auto industry will likely be reaching out or connecting with millennials, that demographic of people are more tech savvy and rate as the highest users of social media. This group of people will be the target market that the car industry should focus on. 40% of new car purchases over the next 10 years will be made by millennials. 94% of those car buyers will do research for that purchase online. If the auto industry can increase their presence in social media outlets it will only increase their chances of landing a client and a potential loyal customer for life. In just a 7 month timeframe, clicks on car ads on Facebook increased from 16% to 39%. Another potential tool that could be used by the auto industry is a tool called Hoojook. Hoojook’s social analytics and engagement solutions empower automotive organizations to increase revenue, improve brand loyalty and reduce costs. Hoojook’s cloud-based social media intelligence and CRM platform helps the automotive industry generates new leads and manages brands. The hoojook big data analytics engine transforms the chaos of social chatter into actionable information for the automotive industry. This tool also has a solution that automates brand and online reputation management for any business or site in the automotive industry.


What is a huge help in marketing? The answer is word of mouth. If people have a good experience they will tell a few people, if they have a bad experience they will tell dozens. At least this is what I have always heard. When it comes to social media, it’s no different. In fact you will tell a lot more than a few or even a dozen. Many people have dozens or in some cases hundreds or thousands of friends or followers depending on which social media method you want to discuss. 23% of people will use social media to communicate their purchase experience. It is up to the auto industry to make that number work in their favor by providing a great product and experience to each and every consumer, so that by word of mouth the auto industry can increase their standing and reputation via social media.

Here’s a great video from Jackie Huba (expert on customer loyalty and word of mouth marketing) talking about Lady Gaga turns followers into fanatics.  This is an example of good word of mouth marketing and focusing on 1% of their audience:

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3 thoughts on “Auto Industry going Mobile”

  1. I found your recommendation of the use of the social analytic tool called Hoojook to be a logical suggestion and the argument that you laid out for its implication is rational and well thought out. I see a lot of car mentions on social media, particularly on Facebook. Whether it be about the purchasing of new vehicle, to someone talking about car problems or asking their peers for advice on auto brands that they have had good luck with. If that tool could provide them a way to tap into those social interactions and use it to generate car sales it would be an excellent solution.

  2. I think that the car industry has their hands full when it comes to controlling the company’s image with regard to quality of vehicles. In recent months there have been several recalls from different manufacturers that have encompassed millions of vehicles world wide. I think that these recalls reflect even more poorly upon these companies due to the social media backlash where now every customer has a voice that can be heard by everyone else. In this case we can state that the advent of social media should have increased quality assurance with the production of the vehicles due to the new sounding boards that the customers now have.

  3. Unhappy customers have been known for sharing their negative experiences to seven to ten people in the past and now in an ever-changing world with social media consumers have the ability to share their thoughts with many people via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networking sites which has an impact on the organization’s success or failure. About two years ago, I purchased a Toyota Corolla because of the price, gas mileage and reliability. My decision on the vehicle was solely based off others personal experiences and not necessarily social media. However, I will consider Ford for my next purchase because of their improvements in the auto industry and more importantly their efficient social media strategy has me highly interested because they allow consumers to share their Ford Stories and they consider the needs and wants from the targeted market to gain brand loyalty.

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